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1. How much does one cup of cheerios weigh in ounces and grams?
Answer. One cup = 0.92 ounces and 26 grams

2. How many apples should you purchase to yield 2.75 cups, peeled, cored, and chopped?
Answer. 1 pound apples (3-4 medium apples or 113 grams) yields 0.78 pounds EP = 2.75 cups EP.

3. The recipe states to purchase one pound potatoes. Directions: Bake potatoes and peel. How many ounces will be left?
Answer. 1 lb AP = 0.74 lb without skin = 11.84 ounces

4. How much lobster would you analyze, if provided with a 1.5 pound lobster in a shell? The answer should be in ounces.
Answer. 5.1 ounces

5. Recipe states to purchase one pound chicken breast with bone and skin. Directions: Broil, remove skin. How many of ounces of cooked chicken will you analyze?
1 lb AP yields 7.5 ounces chicken breast without bone and skin

6. How many cups of cooked kidney beans would one pound dried kidney beans yield?
Answer. 6.5 cups

7. How many cups of all-purpose flour would a two pound bag of flour yield?
Answer. 8 cups

8. Recipe states to purchase one pound lean ground beef and broil. Drain fat. How many ounces of cooked ground beef would you analyze?
Answer. 11.2 ounces

9. Recipe states to marinade chicken in refrigerator overnight. Prior to cooking, the marinade is drained and discarded. What percentage of the marinade should be included in the analysis?
Answer. Estimate 10 percent and verify with the chef or writer.

10. You are preparing the analysis of a chicken broth. The directions state to strain and reserve the chicken and vegetables for another time. How would you analyze the recipe?
Answer. Use a prepared low sodium chicken broth from your nutrient database. If salt is an ingredient in the recipe, add the salt to the low sodium broth. Notify your client the analysis is an estimate.


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