Wellness Calendar

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Journalists and Writers.

Time-sensitive events.

Educators. Current topics and community events.

Health Professionals.  Educate, provide preventative care, resources and support through national and international events.

Families and Consumers.  Discover events to enrich your knowledge of foods, nutrition, health and family.

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Introduction Resources and References

The Wellness calendar highlights special events to promote awareness and responsibility in the areas of health, nutrition, food, safety, culture, society, disability rights and environmental issues. The calendar was created to inspire story or project ideas for the Journalist, Educator, Health Professional, Family and Consumer. As the calendar evolved it soon took on additional purposes. Today the calendar provides employment opportunities to individuals who have a difficult time finding jobs due to their special abilities.

Created by:

Ability-Connection designed to recognize the courage, strength and spirit of those we call "Special". Discover and share resources for assistance, equipment or changes in the law.

www.Weighing-Success.com contains current news and resources on nutrition, food and health. Encourages awareness and inspires ideas for Journalists, Educators, Consumers and Health Professionals.

www.Dietitians-Online.com created to acknowledge the talents of dietitians on the Internet.

History of the Wellness Calendar

The holidays and events listed in the calendar come from numerous resources, such as:
United States Department of Agriculture
United Nations
Chase’s Calendar of Events
Food and Drug Administration
Presidential Declaration
Federal, State or City Governments
American Dietetic Association
Food Associations
American Medical Association
Medical Affiliations
Private Organizations and Companies
Retail Promotions

The events have been verified. However, you should confirm the dates before making plans. Some events may vary from one state to another.

The calendar is updated as new events become available, as well as monthly reviews.

A project created by people with Special Abilities and Exceptional Families.

Please made a donation via Paypal, click the donate button below. Monies donated will be used to achieve the following goals.
  • Find Employment Opportunities
  • Find Caring people to assist in Maintaining Independence
  • Develop online support and resource library.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
with warm regards, Jake and Sandra

History of the Wellness Calendar.

The wellness calendar has a history that spans over 20 years. When my son Jake was about two years old (back in 1990), he discovered the joys of celebrations and holidays. As most children, he associated these events with gifts, food, family, music and fun.

We had just recently learned Jake has cerebral palsy. So much of his young life had numerous challenges, it was a delight to see him so excited about these events.

Every day he would ask me, “What are we celebrating today?” Initially, I would make up events, such as a new tooth, the sun is out, etc... Eventually I would research reference books and later the Internet to see if there were special functions occurring on a specific day.

To my surprise, I found numerous events each day of the year, but there were too many and it was a bit overwhelming. I started to note those days that dealt only with Health, Nutrition, Food, Safety, Disability Rights and Environmental Issues.

I realized many of these events went unnoticed or unreported by Journalists, Educators and Health Professionals. In 2002, I started to send out about 50 calendars to local and national media representatives in the hope the topics would encourage awareness and inspire ideas for stories and/or projects. Each year the number of calendars we sent out would increase, as did the thank you notes from local, national and worldwide correspondents.

Then in 2006, Jake and his friends graduated high school. They were unable to find employment due to their disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, MD). I asked them if they would be interested in working with me on the Wellness Calendar. They said, “Yes”.

I’ve never charged for the calendars, but I thought this would be a wonderful way to raise money to help them with their ADL, self esteem, independence, etc... Apparently, I lack the marketing and sales experience because we didn’t sell any calendars.

I didn’t have the heart to tell my staff. So through the years, I’ve paid them with my disability check. (In 2002, I started the wellness project after learning I was ill. I had a double mastectomy and eventually it became difficult to work outside of the home; Jake’s father had passed away and I needed to be around to take care of Jake.)

The calendar was created to make sure every Journalist and Educator knew when certain events occurred, such as National Nutrition Month, World Diabetes Day, Earth Day, RD Day and many others. The goal was to provide a useful tool to impress their editors with some interesting time-sensitive stories.

Later on, the calendar served to provide employment to individuals who were unable to find jobs due to their special abilities.

Remember to
Make Everyday Special, Make Everyday Count.

with warm regards,
Dr. Sandra Frank and Jake Frank


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