June 2018
Featured Events
June Dairy Month
Men's Health Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
Great Outdoors Month 

Nutrition Facts. June is Dairy Month
Each serving of milk (one cup) provides
10% or more of the recommended daily
intake for calcium, vitamin D (if fortified),
protein, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12,
riboflavin and phosphorus.


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Wellness Calendar Index

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Monthly Events

International Men's Month
Men's Health Month
Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf Hurricane Season  (6/1-11/30)
Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season (5/15–11/30)
National Aphasia Awareness Month
Cancer from the Sun Month
Cataract Awareness Month
Migraine Awareness Month
Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month  
International Childhood Cancer Campaign Month
National Smile Month (5/16-6/168)
Fireworks Safety Month (6/1-7/4)
National Safety Month

Caribbean-American Heritage Month 
Entrepreneurs "Do It Yourself" Marketing Month

Great Outdoors Month
June is Perennial Gardening Month 

June Dairy Month
Dairy Alternative Month
National Candy Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
National Frozen Yogurt Month

National Iced Tea Month
National Soul Food Month
National Steakhouse Month

Turkey Lovers Month
Adopt-a-Cat Month® Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month
Audiobook Appreciation Month  
Sports America Kids Month
Potty Training Awareness Month

National Camping Month
National Rivers Month

National Aquarium and Zoo Month

Weekly Events

4-12 National Fishing and Boating Week
9-16 National Nursing Assistants Week
12-18 Men's Health Week

19-25 Lightning Safety Week
26-7/2 Natl Mosquito Control Awareness Week

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        1   Kentucky 15th State; Tennessee 16th State; Global Running Day  2    MyPlate Anniversary; National Rotisserie Chicken Day
Natl Egg Day; Natl Donut Day; International Horseradish Festival
 4 National Cheese Day; National Trails Day
 5    UN World Environment Day; National Cancer Survivors Day    6 First Drive-In Movie

7   Chocolate Ice Cream Day World Ocean Day


9   Donald Duck Debut

10  Iced Tea Day; Natl Herbs & Spices Day 



11 Corn on the Cob Day; Natl Get Outdoors Day;   Natl Marina Day 12 National Peanut Butter Cookie Day; Multicultural American Child Awareness Day 13  Men's Health Week (12-18); Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

14  (World) Blood Donor Day; Flag Day

15    Nature Photography Day; Arkansas 25th State;  National Lobster Day
16  National Fudge Day

 17 Father's Day; Eat Your Vegetables Day; UN World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought
18   Intl Picnic Day; Intl Sushi Day

19   World Sickle Cell Day  
20   Summer Solstice; National Ice Cream Soda Day, National Vanilla Milkshake Day; West Virginia, 35th State; UN World Refugee Day
21  World Humanist Day; Natl Peaches & Cream Day
22  National Onion Rings Day 23   Public Service Day; National Pink Day 24  Celebration of the Senses; Take Your Dog to Work Day
25  Strawberry Parfait Day; National Catfish Day; Great American Backyard Campout  26   Intl Day Against Drug Abuse  -Trafficking;  National Chocolate Pudding Day  27 National HIV Testing Day; Please Take My Children to Work Day
28  Natl Tapioca Day; National Columnists' Day

29  National Almond Buttercrunch Day 30   Jake's Birthday; Social Media Day


The holidays and events listed in the calendar come from numerous resources, such as:
United States Department of Agriculture; Food and Drug Administration; Presidential Declaration; Federal, State
 or City Governments; Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Food Associations; American Medical Association; Medical Affiliations;
Private Organizations and Companies; Retail Promotions

The events have been verified. However, you should confirm the dates before making plans. Some events may vary from one
state to another. Visit our web sites for more ideas.
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